Casa y Cocina can be considered Artelexia’s full circle moment. Growing up Mexican-American on both sides of the border, I had access to all of México’s cultural and artistic offerings. As I developed a love for gatherings, travel, and design later in life, I felt inspired to share the vibrant traditions of my Mexico with the world through Artelexia. 12 years in, my team and I have transformed what was once a stall at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market into a growing business that engages the customer beyond the product: community events, creative workshops, fundraising, and nurturing up-and-coming artists.

Over the years, as Artelexia grew to embrace an eclectic array of products in response to the boom of emerging local Latinx artists, the corner of our store dedicated to our favorite stone and glassware became smaller and smaller. But really, it was this corner of our store that started it all: a curation of handcrafted home and tabletop items that liven up the two spaces that are so emblematic of Mexican traditions and culture: la Casa y la Cocina.

Casa y Cocina revives my original penchant for traditional Mexican designs and craftsmanship by bringing you the best in home and kitchen decor, plus a sampling of Mexican small batch delicacies and gourmet food products. It is a microcosm of Mexico’s vibrant craft capitals and everything I’ve come to fall in love with during travels and buying trips, all while recreating the quaint village-shop vibes of European general stores and the bustle of the Mexican mercado.

Just like Artelexia, it is a space that primarily gives visibility to Mexican artisans and Latinx-owned small businesses, but also celebrates designs from all over the world. For years, you’ve followed how my love for decor has transformed my living spaces; now it's my turn to share it with you.

-Elexia De La Parra Owner & Founder

Tables & shelves stocked with product located inside entrance of Casa Y Cocina

What our vendors say about us

Breana's Toast

"We finally crossed the border! Yipee! For us it is a huge accomplishment to have our product in the United Sates, and even more so knowing that it is at a shop where products are chosen with such care and represent the best of México." 

-Patricia & Breana, Mother & Daughter duo of Breana's Toast 

Lo Selecto

"We feel happy to be part of a new project that recognizes and dignifies the work of Mexican artisans and producers. Collaborating with Casa y Cocina means having a window into an international market that loves products made in México, curated by those who love products made in México. It is amazing for us to reach a larger audience of people who are conscious of what they consume, the slower artisanal processes involved, and of the best quality that exists in Mexico. We love to put flavors that can only be found in Mexico's most remote villages, in the hands of people that live in the U.S." 

-Alberto Owner of Lo Selecto

Ignacio Haro

"I have it in my blood, for me it's much more than a job; creating pieces is a passion. I am so happy that through Casa y Cocina I can take a piece of México to different places."

-Ignacio Haro